Be Prepared For the Slopes

At SkiFierce, we’re absolutely mad about skiing and snowboarding. That’s why we launched this website, our aim is to share our passion with fellow lovers of the slopes. 

That doesn’t mean that our content is for experienced people only, oh no. We want beginners to learn from our years of experience too!


We’re a collective group here at SkiFierce, so we don’t just ski or snowboard. You can be sure that all of the content that we put out about snowboarding gear is authentic. 

Go check out that page if snowboarding is your thing!


Some people will argue that skiing requires more equipment than snowboarding. This can vary depending on the person, but we’ve got you covered for your ski gear essentials.


Clothing and accessories are absolutely vital for a trip to the mountains. You wouldn’t want to go skiing in a bikini, would you? Although it’s worth bringing your swimwear for the jacuzzis and saunas.

We’ve reviewed what clothes are the best to take, as well as, necessary accessories for the slopes.